Roman Blinds


Roman Blinds are a great alternative to Curtains and offer a sleeker more contemporary dressing for your windows, not to mention they are more cost effective as they use a fraction of fabric compared to curtains once you have invested in the rail.  Roman blinds can be unlined, lined, blackout lined and interlined. They can be supplied with contrasting borders, beading or other trims.

Roman blinds can be made either machined where the tapes and rods will be machine stitched across the blinds; this will create tiny needle holes which are visible when the blind has lining and is against the light.

Hand-stabbed and hand finished blinds will not have these machine lines but small hand stabs across the blind where the face fabric is secured to the lining(s), this is our preferred methodology and finish when we are making Roman Blinds.

Your Roman Blind can be customized with different chain colors, and depending on your choice of fabric, you can also combine it with either our sateen, thermal or blackout linings.  For a personalized quote please Contact Us or call us on 018200222