Fabric Care



Caring for your Curtains and Curtain Cleaning

Regular cleaning lengthens the lifespan of your curtains and household fabrics, and improves the air quality in your home, too.  Where apartments and houses are vulnerable to grit and dirt from smoggy streets – curtains act as a filter therefore it’s essential to clean your curtains, even when you might not notice how dirty they are.

The cleaning of your curtains and other household fabrics requires a professional dry cleaner who understands the many degrees of this speciality. The investment you have in your curtains and soft furnishings is most likely significant, therefore is is essential that they are treated with the care and attention specific to the fabric used.  Our sister company  Press XPress Dry Cleaners re experts in all curtain and household fabrics.

Exposure to humidity, oxygen and sunlight can cause enduring damage and colour changes, and weaken threads, especially those in folds closest to the window. In cases where the linings of curtains are too sun-burned or yellowed for restoration, but the curtain fabric remains intact, we can replace linings to make the curtains as good as new!  For more information fill out our Contact Form or call us on 018200222.